Ginger Lilies

Ginger Lilies. Acrylics on 24x24 inch canvas.

“Ginger Lilies” was an experiment and a lesson in patience. I love green but I don’t enjoy painting with greens or mixing them - either I end up with sludge or I get cross because I can’t mix more of the ones I like. This painting emerged from (what seemed like endless) layers of pattern using almost every brush I owned at the time; playing with Golden soft body paints for the first time and mixing every green I could. When I started to feel like I was looking at a verdant botanical garden (by which time I was all greened out), I added the ginger lilies as an excuse for a pop of colour. There are things I’m tempted to go back and tinker with but I resist; it deserves to stay as it is - a nod to the very green battle we fought together. I haven’t been able to part with this painting and I doubt I ever will. Nor have I ever attempted anything similar (nor quite so green).